Professor Thomas Havas Nasal Checkup

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snoring, glue ear, tonsils, adenoids, blocked nose, allergic rhinitis, ear infections Enter Here

Nose and Sinuses

Blocked nose, sinusitis, rhinitis, allergies, smell, taste, sinus surgery, turbinoplasty, nasal polyps Enter Here

Voice and Throat

Head and Neck Cancer

Laser surgery, throat cancer, oral cavity cancer, papillomas, minimally invasive, head and neck tumours, nasal and skull base tumours, neck lumps Enter Here

Functional Rhinoplasty

Blocked nose, breathing, nasal valve collapse, revision surgery, functional and cosmetic rhinoplasty, nasal valve repair, open/closed structure rhinoplasty, twisted nose, nasal trauma Enter Here


Goitre, enlarged thyroid, thyroid cancer, difficulty swallowing, difficulty breathing, minimally invasive Enter Here

Sleep and Snoring

Sleep Apnoea, Sleep Disorders, Tongue base surgery, tongue reduction, palatoplasty, lingual tonsillectomy, tongue suspension, sub mental liposuction, hyoid suspension, septoplasty, coblation, laser Enter Here