Should you see us?

Sydney Nose Clinic is Australia’s first integrated nose clinic, based on the concept that an integrated or holistic approach to the management of nasal problems usually leads to optimal results.


The most common question asked is, who should come to the nose clinic? The answer to that is, if you are having significant nasal problems, blocked nose, runny nose, facial pain, seasonal or allergic rhinitis, if you have altered sense of smell or taste, if you have tried a variety of medical treatments that have not been effective, you are the ideal type of person to be assessed at our nose clinic.






Practice Locations

Bondi Junction Clinic

HCF Building

Suite 506, Level 5, 1 Newland Street,
Bondi Junction NSW 2022

T |  93877360 | 95536188

F |  9369 4463

Kogarah Clinic

St George Private Hospital
Suite 3A, Level 3, 1 South Street,
Kogarah NSW 2217

T |  93877360 | 95536188

F |  9369 4463

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