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Stabyl: The App that makes technology accessible for people living with tremors

Havas New York and Havas Germany have teamed up in their joint mission to help people with tremors use tablets.

Parkinson’s Disease, which impacts an estimated 10 million people worldwide, is a primary cause of tremors. These involuntary, rhythmic muscle contractions make using technology very difficult.

The Stabyl is a free app that uses an iPad’s internal accelerometer data to create visual countermovements when the tablet is shaken in order to keep the display steady on the screen.

Tested with people living with Parkinson’s in the US and Germany, the app provides standard browser features such as bookmarks, history, and tabs with compensation settings that can be adjusted based on the strength of a tremor. Staybl arranges buttons vertically and increases readability through larger typography and other visual elements. While it is currently only available on iPads, the goal is to add it to other devices in the future.

“Parkinson’s is a disease that confronts those affected with everyday challenges that are not top of mind in society,” German Parkinson Association managing director Friedrich-Wilhelm Mehrhoff said in the press release. “We are grateful for Havas’ commitment to inclusivity and looking beyond traditional medicine therapies to make a difference. We appreciate the collaboration with Havas and believe that the Staybl app can improve the lives of those suffering from Parkinson’s.”

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