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Proudly we supported the “WHITE SHIRT CAMPAIGN 2022”ran by “OCRF Australia”.

“The OCRF is on a mission to make early detection a reality. The annual White Shirt Campaign plays a significant role in helping raise the funds needed to support essential ovarian cancer research projects.”

"Now in its 14th year, the Witchery White Shirt Campaign has contributed more than $14.3 million to research that is tackling early detection and improving treatments - research that will save lives. Now more than ever, the campaign is relying on your continued support.

The Witchery white shirt symbolises the lab coat worn by the researchers dedicating their lives to researching new and better treatments to improve outcomes for those diagnosed now, as well as developing an early detection test for future generations."

Our Clinic has been supporting the fight against Ovarian Cancer for decades and would love you to join!

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