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Professor Havas' service is truly 10 out of 10

Omer Hastor is a 60-year-old man who was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer a few months ago and is currently in the process of recovering from a curative operation.

“My personal experience with HAVAS ENT Clinics was great. Initially, I found out about the clinic from my GP who recommended that I see a specialist. To tell you honestly, once I met Professor Havas, everything was alright even though what I went through was a scary experience,” he says.

“Professor Havas gave me clear information, he even drew a picture to explain to me what was happening in my voice box,” Mr Hastor adds.

Like many patients, when it came to his diagnosis Mr Hastor initially found it difficult to accept what was happening to him. However, as a lifetime smoker, he understood that he had significant risk factors for cancers of the head and neck.

His operation, called a Vertical Hemilaryngectomy, was particularly daunting. Fortuitously, Mr Hastor was able to have his operation at the public hospital by a world-class surgeon despite having private health insurance. This meant that he didn’t have to pay for what was usually a $70,000 to $100,000 operation with a substantial gap and still received top-quality care.

“At the hospital, everyone was explaining to me what the next step was and was trying to make me feel at ease. To tell you honestly, after this experience, I told my wife Kim, thank god we are in Australia. That’s how I was happy with the service,” he explains.

“I come from Bosnia and I am still in contact with my family and friends there. I know the situation so that’s why I said thank god we are here because this whole process took less than two months from the beginning to end without the need to wait. The next step was already for me prepared and waiting,” he says.

Usually, laryngeal cancer requires an operation as well as chemotherapy or radiotherapy. However, Mr Hastor was effectively cured by his operation alone, which means that he can now focus on his recovery and does not need to additionally manage side effects including nausea, dry mouth, and loss of appetite.

“It was great news for me but at the same time, I have fought all of his life. So in the hospital when they showed me exercises to get back my voice, I really pushed myself and now I am recovering better than was expected,” he says.

“I also appreciate that without the right attention, the right advice, and the right support, I wouldn’t be here. Professor Havas’ service was truly 10 out of 10.”

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