Techniques Of Tonsillectomy

July 28th, 2017 by admin in Mouth, Throat Clinic Comments Off on Techniques Of Tonsillectomy

There has been a lot of attention in the media recently about different techniques of doing tonsillectomy, particularly the potential role for newer technologies, such as using a harmonic scalpel or a coblator.

Although these products are being heavily promoted, the review of the literature shows that how your tonsillectomy is done, that is to say, the techniques of tonsillectomy used, whether it’s cold steel, scalpel, monopolar diathermy, bipolar diathermy, coblation or harmonic scalpel, the main predictor of outcome is not the technology used, but the experience of the surgeon. Complication rates either in terms of bleeding within the first 24 hours, infection, or secondary bleeding, are the same when series operations done using the variety of techniques are compared.

Although it is always exciting to think that there is something new and better on the horizon. Be aware that the most important thing with regards to decision making for any potential operation is not the technology that is going to be used, but the experience and the expertise of the surgeon who is going to perform the procedure.

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