Vocal Nodules

What are Vocal Nodules

Vocal Nodules

Vocal Nodules are small areas of thickening or mini calluses on the vocal folds. They occur due to banging the vocal folds together with excessive tension. Vocal nodules are a common cause of hoarseness in children and adults often being associated with excessive shouting or screaming or excessive strained use of the voice.

  • This condition is benign.
  • It nearly always responds to speech therapy.

In cases where the nodules are large or mature or speech therapy has failed vocal nodules are appropriately treated by microsurgical dissection and removal.

Nodules are caused by abuse of the vocal cords They can occur from long-term misuse, or from a single episode of vocal cord misuse.. Long-term cigarette smoking, hypothyroidism, and GERD may also cause polyp formation. Vocal abuse takes many forms and includes: Talking loudly, singing incorrectly, tensing muscles, smoking and allergies are all possible causes of vocal nodules. Drinking excessive alcohol or caffeine can also increase your chance of developing them. Vocal nodules occur most regularly in women, generally between the ages of twenty and fifty.

If you have experienced a hoarse voice for more than 2 to 3 weeks, you should see a physician. The examination will include:

  • An evaluation by Professor Havas
  • a voice evaluation by a speech-language pathologist (SLP)

The team will evaluate vocal quality, pitch, loudness, and ability to sustain your voice, and other voice characteristics. The instrumental exam general includes a flexible endoscopy inserted into the mouth or nose to look at the vocal cords and surrounding regions.

The good news is that this problem is easily curable. If vocal habits are appropriately altered the nodules will not recur. Therefore, if you find yourself experiencing any voice conditions, please contact Havas ENT Clinics on 02 9387 7360.