Nasal Septal Reconstruction

Nose Surgeon Thomas Havas

Are you suffering from Blocked Nose, reduced sense of smell or increasing infections in the nose? You may need Nasal Septal Reconstruction.

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Professor Thomas Havas established the first integrated Nose Clinic in Sydney in 1988. He is also the current chairman of the Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery at Prince of Wales and Sydney Hospitals. If you want to discuss about your symptoms and Nasal Septal Reconstruction with him, please give us a call or use the booking form to schedule an appointment after you get a referral letter from your local doctor.

Nasal Septal Reconstruction is a surgical procedure performed to correct deviational bending of the nasal septum.

Deviational Bending of the Nasal Septum

Presenting symptoms of this condition are often blocked nose, reduced sense of smell or increasing infections in the nose or the sinuses.

This operation is performed under a general anaesthetic through the nostrils. There are no cuts, bruises or black eyes. Lining is lifted off the septum, pieces of cartilage and bone are removed, and the septum is concertinaed and repositioned in the middle line and sutured in place.

Nine out of ten people need no wadding or packing in the nose. One in ten people have some form of dissolvable packing left in the nose overnight.

This procedure usually involves one night of hospitalisation and one week of reduced physical activity.

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