Nasal Polypectomy

Chairman of Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Cancer in POWH: Thomas Havas

Do nose polyps interfere the quality of your life? You may need Nasal Polypectomy.

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Professor Thomas Havas is the chairman of the Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery at Prince of Wales and Sydney Hospitals. He has performed thousands of nasal polypectomy. If you are willing to discuss about this operation with Prof. Havas, give us a call or use the "Book an Appointment" form to schedule an appointment with us.

Nasal Polyp

Nasal polypectomy is a procedure performed to remove nose polyps, which are non-cancerous swellings or masses in the lining of the nose and paranasal sinuses. Large polyps or clusters of polyps can cause breathing difficulties, affect the patient's sense of smell and can cause frequent infections and other problems.

Our team of specialists is committed to swift treatment of this condition with dedicated, regular follow-up to ensure that a recurrence is minimised or quickly identified and treated.

A polypectomy is done under general anaesthesia and it is often done in association with Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. The procedure involves the introduction of telescopes into the nose. A variety of specialty instruments are used to remove polyps in nose cavities and open the drainpipes from the sinuses leading back into the nose.

The operation takes approximately an hour and is performed under a general anaesthetic in hospital. Nine out of ten people wake up without any wadding or packing in the nose, while one in ten people need some sort of absorbable packing left in the nose overnight.

It involves one night of hospitalisation and usually one week of reduced physical activity to aid the healing process.

People who have had a Nasal polypectomy are reviewed at three months, six months and then annually for life to ensure that the polyps do not recur or, if they do, facilitate early treatment for optimal results. We have performed many of these procedures and can confidently guide you through each stage of the process, from pre-op preparation to post-op care.

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