Nasal Obstruction And Secondary Dento-Facial Deformities In Children

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For the last 100 years there has been extensive ENT and orthodontic literature detailing the relationship between longstanding nasal obstruction, altered patterns of facial growth morphology and dentofacial deformity.


Major causes of nasal obstruction

The major causes of nasal obstruction in childhood are

1. Allergic rhinitis; this manifests by hypertrophy of the mucosa or the inferior turbinate and the mucosal changes associated with allergic rhinitis may or may not be reversible medically.

2. Adenoid hypertrophy; causes blockage of the posterior nasal choanae and is a very common cause of sub total nasal obstruction and mouth open posture at rest. Confirmation of diagnosis is radiologically, usually by a standardised lateral airway x-ray or endoscopically using a telescope through the nose after topical vasoconstriction.

3. Nasal septal deviation; a common cause of unilateral nasal obstruction in children. Can be cartilaginous or bony or mixed.

4. Narrow highly arched palate; decreases the vertical height of the nose. Correction of this palatal abnormality involves early orthodontic intervention.

Chronic nasal obstruction causes chronic mouth open posture at rest.

Chronic mouth open posture at rest causes children to breath cold, non-filtered, non humidified air. It alters the position of the lips and the tongue, which in turn alters muscle tension leading to an altered pattern of facial growth and morphology with dental abnormalities.

Early expert treatment of nasal obstruction coupled with early expert orthodontic intervention, preferably before the age of 6, leads to optimal functional and cosmetic results.

If your child is suffering from nasal obstruction and you are worried about the associated dento-facial deformities, contact Professor Havas for treatment.