Second Opinion in Otolaryngology

April 10th, 2018 by admin in Havas ENT Clinics Comments Off on Second Opinion in Otolaryngology

Second Opinion in OtolaryngologyMany ENT operations are “can have” rather than “must have” types of situations. In elective surgery, it is often prudent to get a second opinion from a senior otolaryngologist before undertaking an operation, especially in the case of children.

Before undertaking an operation, it is important to ascertain whether there are non-surgical options that have not as yet been exhausted.

When an operation is required, it is very important the degree of experience and training that the potential surgeon has, as a more experienced surgeon is more likely to attain a better outcome with lower risks.

At Havas ENT Clinics, we are delighted to offer impartial and academic second opinions, regarding all aspects of elective Ear Nose and Throat Surgery, in both adults and children.

We bring to this consultation unsurpassed academic credentials and immense experience.

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