Otitis Media and Antibiotics

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Otitis Media

Otitis media is the second most common disorder in the paediatric age groups, secondary only to upper respiratory infections.

The majority of otitis media is thought to be viral primarily.

Otitis media presents with pain in the ear (otalgia), systematic symptoms such as fever, and impaired hearing acuity in older children who are able to express the symptoms.

When shall we use Antibiotics for Otitis Media in Children?

First line of the treatment should be expectant, that is to say treatment of the pain and treatment of the temperature with careful monitoring.

If symptoms have not resolved in 48 hours; or if there is not significant improvement in 48 hours; the addition of antibiotic should be considered.

It is important to bear in mind there is no evidence that in uncomplicated otitis media, the addition of antibiotics significantly alters the rate of resolution of the symptoms and /or the rate of the otitis media completely resolving.

If antibiotics are prescribed, Amoxicillin ( in appropriate doses ) is still the antibiotic of choice.

Any notes for treating neonates?

In Children under 1 year of age, (because of the slightly increased rate of complications of otitis media), in children with any immunological disorder, or in children with craniofacial abnormalities a lower threshold for the prescription of antibiotics, is reasonable.

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