Neck Lumps in Children

August 23rd, 2017 by admin in Paediatric Otolaryngology Comments Off on Neck Lumps in Children

Neck Lumps in ChildrenNeck lumps in children are very common. In most cases, these are caused by enlarged lymph nodes as a reaction to an infection nearby.

Although they can be very alarming to parents, they are very rarely serious.

They are more common in children under the age 5, as children at that age tend to get more infections.

Most of these infections are viral infections. Although, sometimes, persisting lymph nodes enlargement can be caused by a scratch, particularly a scratch by a cat, or infections of the skin or scalp.

They can be quite alarming. The enlarged lymph nodes can be often multiple and feel quite firm. They may affect one or both sides.

If the enlargement persists, it’s best to see your local doctor. Initial investigations involve performing an ultrasound to confirm the enlarged lymph nodes look normal ultrastructurally.