Choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon

June 14th, 2017 by admin in Havas ENT Clinics, Nose Clinic Comments Off on Choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon

rhinoplasty surgeonMore and more cosmetic rhinoplasties are being done. And unfortunately, many people contemplating and eventually having rhinoplasty choose a surgeon on the basis of the cost alone. Many people performing rhinoplasties do not have extensive surgical training. They are neither plastic surgeons, otolaryngologists, nor members of Australian Society Facial Plastic Surgery.

More and more we are seeing significant cosmetic and functional complications of rhinoplasty. Often, this requires extensive and expensive revision surgery, which will salvage a good result, but can never achieve a great result.

Remember that in surgery, as in all things in life, you essentially get what you pay for. And it is the outmost importance not to be driven by price lane but the credentialing, experience and the bonafide of the rhinoplasty surgeon that you choose.