Cholinergic Rhinitis

November 17th, 2016 by admin in Havas ENT Clinics, Nose Clinic Comments Off on Cholinergic Rhinitis

Cholinergic Rhinitis is a condition characterized by watery snot running out of your nose; it is more common as you get older. It is usually initiated by sight or smell of food, change in temperature (particularly when it gets cold), or emotion/excitement.

It can be a social encumbrance. Most people find it incredibly disconcerting to be sitting over dinner, and then have clear fluid dripping out of their nose. Do not despair. This is not something serious.

As we get older the nerve fibers that innervate the lining of our nose, get out of sync. The nose nerve fibers that cause running, tend to predominate over those that cause drying.

If you have this condition, contact Professor Havas, as he is an expert in the medical and surgical management of cholinergic rhinitis. Medical management, providing there are no contraindications, involves using a specially formulated nasal spray, which dries up your nose, and then controls the condition.

There is about a 50% chance that the spray won’t work, but there is an operation that can be done. It’s a minor endoscopic procedure called Vidian neurectomy. For further information about cholinergic rhinitis, its medical management, or surgical management, contact us at Havas ENT Clinics.