Why can’t I breathe after my rhinoplasty?

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Why can’t I breathe after my rhinoplasty?

I recently had an operation on my nose to reduce the size of it and make it look better. I am reasonably happy with how it looks but now when I take a big breath, my nose blocks up…

Cannot breathe after Rhinoplasty

The most common cause of nasal obstruction after rhinoplasty is one of two things. One the partition in the nose or nasal septum hasn’t been adequately straighten; or two, and this is increasingly more commonly: too much tissue is taken out of the nose to facilitate a desired or optimal cosmetic outcome without enough supporting structure being left in to hold the nostrils open during taking a big breath.

If your blockage is fixed, that is to say it’s always the left side, or always the right side; it’s much more likely to be either due to a septum that hasn’t been properly straightened, and/or the scar tissue in your nose. If the obstruction varies from side to side, or if, when looking at yourself in the mirror, when you take a big breath your nose pinches in, you have a condition called nasal valve collapse. That’s usually related to too much tissues been taken out of your nose.

If you are experiencing breathing difficulties after rhinoplasty, contact Havas ENT Clinics. We shall be able to help you with this problem.

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